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Congratulations on being LIGHT YEARS ahead of everyone when it comes to developing a GREAT game! Our artists are currently sharpening their pens and polishing their tablets, ready to start working on YOUR game. We call ourselves Softoxan Studios and we are a Den of Creativity and Talent where we’re Gamers first, engineers and artists second! So we’re always up-to-date with what’s going on in the gaming industry and technology. Proactive and accessible, we’ve cemented a place for ourselves in the services world. And because of that our team has mastered the niches of the gaming industry and has been providing development and art services for years now! Whether it’s Unity, Unreal, 2D/3D Art, 2D/3D Animations, Game design, YOU NAME IT, we have helped studios in making games that became their studios’ crown jewel.




Game Development

We develop games that are Unreal and bring a sense of Unity in the Gaming Community (pun intended). From developing games from scratch to taking in projects mid-way we’ve had smooth sailing since years and will ride the industry waves for years to come!

2D/3D Art

Whether it’s a low or high-poly 3D model, 2D artwork, sprite sheet, animation, concept art, you name it! We’ve done it all and we’ve got the work and skill to prove it. You hear that?... That’s the sound of our artists sharpening their tools.

Blockchain Development

NFTs are all the rage now and we’ve been keeping up with this trend. We’ve been developing new blockchains for various NFT marketplaces. Strong as the strongest chain out there, our blockchains are safe and secure.

Metaverse Development

Call us Oprah! ‘Cause you get a MetaVerse and you get a MetaVerse. We’ve been working on a couple of metaverses for years now and have enough bragging rights to say that we’re a metaverse ahead of others!

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Address: 3rd Floor, 145 Wapda Town Phase 1, Lahore Pakistan

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