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A leading provider of art and design services for 2d/3d games and apps

SOFTOXAN is known to provide stunning 2d/3d game art outsourcing, art and design services for games, VR & AR apps, simulations, and trailers. From storyboarding, concept art to complete asset production we profusely work on elements like characters, props, environments, vehicles, and vegetation, etc. Our artists and designers also work on the level design with relevant in-game content integration across all game genres and art styles.

Art & Design Services

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Key Roles in Our Art and Design Team

UI/UX designers

The work of our UI/UX designer is crucial because the initial user interaction is through their work. They make the path of the user through the game or app as easy and seamless as possible. The UI/UX designers pay great attention to every minor detail to craft pixel perfection. The designs we develop are not only stylish & trendy but also are consistent and appropriate.

Concept artists

Our art design process essentially relies on the work of our very efficient concept artists. They typically sketch ideas for the storyboard, gameplay elements like vehicles, characters, props, etc and asset production relies on their concept. Our concept artists transform one-line descriptions and brief ideas from our clients into the visual representations of game art elements.

Texture artists

Our texture artists are some of the best in the industry. They add textures to characters, game items, and environments. It is because of their significant expertise with sound knowledge of perspective, lighting, visual effects, and materials that have enabled us to work across textural elements of the game very easily. Their work involves the resolution of textures and texture packing which is needed for the optimization of the build/texture size. Good pipeline knowledge like PBR, stylized, unlit, etc which helps to achieve good quality texture output is some of their many talents.

Environment artists

Environment artists at Softoxan are experts in working with interiors, exteriors, roadways, landscapes, and vegetation aspects like deep forests, rocky hillsides and props etc. Once the level design is done our environment artists get going to build the game scene around the level design. They work to get the different output styles like 2D, 3D and isometric work in the game very effectively.

Lighting artists

Lighting artists at Softoxan know how important their role is. Their work involves creating and appropriately including all the lights in the game levels taking into consideration the color, intensity, and falloff with an objective of making the world seem more realistic. Our lighting artists set the mood of the scene and it is they who take care of static and dynamic lighting requirements.

Effects artists

Our effects artists work effortlessly on a combination of 2D and 3D tools, lights and particle tools, and bringing any virtual area to life. Their work involves creating weather effects, water leaks, smoke, muzzle flashes, steam vents and anything else required. Effects artists at Softoxan take care of the composition of the overall scene. Critical work like level and scene transitions, character spawning, and action sequences all need the expertise of our effects artists in terms of their visual representation.

3D Modellers

Our 3D modellers create the characters, environments, and objects including life forms, scenery, vegetation, vehicles, etc. They effectively balance visual detail with the limitations of the game’s technology. An important aspect of taking into account the poly count of the models so that they don’t become heavy all the while keeping the model optimized is the work of our 3D modellers. Their work preserves the game aesthetics through their strong knowledge of game anatomy and mesh flow.


Our riggers make a skeleton for a 3D/2D model for it to be animated. Without a rig a character can’t be deformed and moved around. Joints in rigging are similar to the joints of a human and they are the points of articulation our riggers use to control the model. Our riggers also use Mocap data and Mixamo tool to get their base animations right. Riggers at Softoxan really toil to get the muscle and object behavior right. Blendshapes are used by them to give expressions to the characters such that the characters seem to have life.


Our animators are well versed in all kinds of 2D and 3D animations. Based on the necessity we use frame or spine animation for 2D and for 3D we put actions to the rigged characters and take care of animation blending in the game to have smooth transitions between the animations as per the game’s story.

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