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Factors that make your game a success

  • Nov 18 2021
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Factors that make your game a success

There are millions of games out there BUT only a handful are ever successful, why?.

Behind most un-successful games is the same passion and fire that makes another game successful. So what is the difference? What truly makes one game profitable, loved, and cherished by players and the other gathering dust?

Well, among a lot of other things, it’s usually the execution.

This article will describe the various factors that make a game successful

Platform Research

Platform Research

What most people tend to overlook is one of the most basic elements in making a successful game and that is platform research. When making a game, the very first thing a developer needs to do is to research the platform that they’re going to release their game on.

Every platform has a different game that sits on top of the charts, for example, Honor of Kings (Mobile), Elden Ring (PS5), Animal Crossing: New Horizon (Nintendo Switch), Fortnite (PC).

Every game mentioned belongs to a different genre and is successful on their relative platforms.

So researching the platform on which you’re going to release your game is very important.



Genre is what defines a game which is why it’s one of the most important factors in making a game successful. If I were to say FPS, you would think of Call of Duty, Battlefield, CS:GO. If I were to say Racing, you would think of Need for Speed and Gran Turismo.

There’s a growing variety of game genres and sub-genres so choose a genre that will define your game. The most popular game genres out there are Action/Adventure, RPG, FPS, Sandbox, RTS, Simulation genres. Each of these genres has a set of various properties that separates them from other genres.

So picking a genre that suits you will help you in developing and designing a successful game.

Game Design

Game Design

A game design will take any game from being behind the shelf to the front. A good game design will bring life to your game. Game design is not just limited to designing a game or a few levels for that game.

Game design is a vast study of various disciplines which include World Design, System Design, Content Design, Game writing, Level Design, UI Design, Audio Design, UX Design, Narrative, and Gameplay.

Game design is a painstaking process BUT if you take your time, and have patience, you can design a game that is both successful and rememberable.

It took Sega 15 years to develop Duke Nukem Forever! And it wasn’t very successful. On the other side, it took Bethesda 5 years to make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Don’t Imitate

Don’t Imitate

Imitation is the death of creative creation.

How many times has it been that you’ve come across ads on social media that belong to an exact clone of a popular game? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve across a game ad that is an exact clone of Pokemon and Naruto, with just a few name changes and spelling mistakes.

When you start imitating a game, you tend to lose all creativeness. You copy more and more and try to mix them with your idea and soon enough your game loses its originality.

The key here is to keep your originality and innovativeness even if you do get inspired by other games. A few examples of successful clones are Minecraft (inspired by Infiminer), and Angry Birds (inspired by Crush the Castle). They brought innovation and original ideas to their IPs and kept away from copy/pasting everything.



This is, perhaps, the most important factor in making a successful game.

Making a game that gives the players a chance to have different endings and a story worth remembering and experiencing. The game should have top-notch animations and seamless gameplay that just sucks the player in.

A game that provides replayability increases consumer satisfaction and the value of the game is what will bring in a broad audience for your IP.

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