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What can you do to make your Game Art appealing?

  • March 20 2022
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What can you do to make your Game Art appealing?

How do you make an artistic product that attracts a large body of people? How do you make art that defines the genre your game falls into? How do you make art that becomes a part of the viewer’s memory?

So that when someone mentions something related to your art style, your product is the first thing that pops up into their head!

Making an artistic product like that is certainly difficult but not impossible!

You see, to make something truly distinct and appealing you have to first understand what makes art appealing.

Unique Art Style

Unique Art Style

Before you decide the art style for your game, you need to research what’s popular and why? There are numerous games out there that use the same outdated art style.

So you need to make sure that your game is unique in every artistic aspect. Whether it be character design, picking a color pallet, concept art, world design, etc. It should be specific to the sort of game that you’re looking to make.

Think of all the games that have been popular or are still popular, Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Pokemon, Assassins Creed, Resident Evil, Borderlands, etc.

Each game has a unique art style that has stuck with us throughout the years. You can easily recall what these characters, their environments, and the game world looked like.

So pick an art style that makes your game feel like its a breath of fresh air.

Focus on the look of your game art

Focus on the look of your game art

When creating art for your game you need to keep in mind the audience that you’re creating it for. For example: if you’re creating art for kids then you should use warm colors.

Color choices can influence player choices and their mood. So don’t underestimate visual choices because they can influence the psychology and guide the behavior of users.

Are the characters and their colors too cute? Too scary? Too dull? Too bright? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before finalizing the look of your game art.

You wouldn’t want to use dark colors for a game that is meant for children because that would probably disengage them from your game.

So focusing on the look of your game art is paramount. Since it will define what your characters, UI/UX, and the game world will look like.

Smooth Animations

Smooth Animations

Let’s imagine that you’re in an intense cut-scene and a character is about to reveal something major and serious like (spoiler alert) “Luke, I am your father” and as he’s revealing it the character just sinks into the floor in a T-Pose.

That just breaks the immersion and takes the player out of the game.

Because animations are an integral part of a game, they should be smooth and exciting. Keep away from using old animations that you might’ve used in your previous projects.

Take your time and create something that players would want to revisit time and time.

Appealing UI

Appealing UI

A well-designed UI goes a long way. Depending on the sort of game that you’re developing, UI plays an important role in keeping the players engaged in your game.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve disengaged from a game just because their UI wasn’t attractive. If it makes the player feel overwhelmed or unwelcomed, or if the UI is overcrowded and confusing then that would break the player’s immersion and push them away from the game.

The colors of the UI should belong to the same family as the colors of the game. You can’t expect a Batman game to have a pink and purple UI. It just doesn’t fit. It ruins the entire game art.

All in all , your game should employ an art style that is perfect for the sort of audience that you’re aiming for. The characters, animations, game world, etc should belong to the same art style and the UI colors should be the same as the games’.

As it so happens,...

Studios houses understand the difference between various art styles and which art style would suit your game the most!

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